Svalbard 2008
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Ján Kořínek
Ján Kořínek
climbing and skiing “mountain doctor” likes free climbing but also feels at home doing aided climbing; expedition medic; mountaineer and ski mountaineer; 6th place Pierra Menta (1998); 4th place European championship in ski mountaineering

Robo Blaško
Robo Blaško
outdoor enhusiast; ski mountaineer; amateur photographer; research scientist at the Meteorological observatory, Slovak Academy of Science; European championship in ski mountaineering: 2nd place Ovronnaz 1999; 3rd place Candanchu 2001

Marek Biskupič
Marek Biskupič
student at the University Centre in Svalbard, mountaineer and ski mountaineer, selected climbs: via Cassin, Neverland - Pizzo Badile Tauveggen - Norway, Grand Charmoz - Chamonix

Martin Buliak - Bulo
Martin Buliak - Bulo
dry rock lover; likes to make big turns and doesn’t mind freezing on the stands; research scientist at the Institute of Mountain Biology; mountaineer and ski mountaineer, selected climbs: via Cassin, Neverland on Pizzo Badile

Milan  Válek
Milan Válek
former downhill skiing racer goodie; always carying big lunchpacks, thats why he’s coming with us, mountaineer and ski mountaineer

Sina Boecklli
Sina Boecklli
The all-rounder. On rock, ice, skis or winterclimbs, where it’s cold and exposed, you will find her. Engineer and future mountain guide in the Swiss Alps. She has traversed Sweden and Norway in 3 months, biked in Alaska and Canada for 3 months and did a lot of other crazy stuff in the mountains.

Juraj Danko – Zajo
Juraj Danko – Zajo
He likes ski mountaineering and rock climbing, as well as ice climbing with his home made tools. In his memories, he likes to come back to the climbing on Yellow ridge on Tre Cima or to bivaque on Monte Pelmete.

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